3 Reasons To Use Clay Pots (Instead Of Plastic) For Your Potted Plants


If you are planning on keeping potted plants on your porch or elsewhere, you might be looking for the right type of pot to keep them in. Plastic plant pots are popular because they're affordable, and a lot of potted plants already come in plastic pots, so many people do not feel the need to take them out and put them in something else. However, clay pots can be a better alternative for your potted plants. These are three of the main reasons why.

1. They Help Prevent Plants from Being Overwatered

If you tend to have a heavy hand when watering your plants, or if you are going to be keeping your plants outside in rather rainy weather, clay pots can help protect them. Overwatering can cause damage to your plants, but clay pots help protect against this. Basically, clay pots dry really quickly -- especially in the sun -- and can help whisk away moisture from your plants quickly. This can help prevent them from becoming oversoaked.

2. They Provide Better Protection Against Temperature Changes

Another great advantage of clay pots is the fact that they help protect your plants against temperature changes. If you live in an area where there is a tendency for the weather to get warm or cool rather quickly and without a lot of warning, this can be a good thing that can help protect your plants from dying. Basically, since clay pots are thicker, they provide that much extra protection for your plants' roots.

3. They're Less Likely to Fall Over

If a wind storm comes through or an outdoor cat decides to start playing around your potted plants, you have to worry about them getting knocked over. This can cause damage to delicate leaves and flowers and can cause the roots to be exposed. Even though a clay pot can obviously still be knocked over, these pots are generally a bit heavier and can help provide a little bit more protection than lightweight plastic pots. You can also opt for thicker, heavier clay pots if you want that much more protection for your plants.

As you can see, clay pots can be a far better choice for your potted plants than plastic ones. This is a good thing, since there are a lot of fun, outdoor pottery designs out there that can also be great for decorating your porch or other outdoor areas.


15 January 2016

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