Identifying Weeds And Removing Them Improves Your Lawn Quality


One fact of life that homeowners with lawns must come to grips with, and it is that lawn weeds are a constant threat and menace no matter how pristine your lawn might be. This nuisance is competing with grass for its space, water and other nutrients. Finding a way to cut off weed access to your lawn is of primary importance.

There are steps you can take in lawn care to choke weeds and keep them at bay:

Signs of Weed Invasion

Opportunistic weeds grow faster than regular grass, according to experts in the lawn care industry. Weeds weaken grass, which then becomes thin. Thinned out lawn areas and grass that is sometimes mowed much too short are the perfect recipe for weeds to thrive on and especially so in less than perfect soil. The troubling weeds will continue to spread until you decide to get rid of them.

Excessive Grass Seeding Deters Weed Growth

Depending upon the type of grass you are using on your lawn, you can seed the lawn to an excessive degree, which impedes the growth of weeds, according to experts. Excessive seeding consequently thickens the quality of your lawn and prevents accessible space for weeds to grow on.

Sure it might take a few years for you to see improvement in your lawn's quality. That's expected when a lawn has been severely damaged by opportunistic weeds.

Herbicidal Treatment

You have to start somewhere and start fighting lawn weeds with a dedicated maintenance program, and that program might have to be administered as an herbicidal chemical application at first. Later, you can downgrade chemical applications as your lawn's quality improves. You may have to hire an expert to apply the herbicidal treatment if you are unfamiliar with just how this should be done.

Identify Grass Weeds and Kill Them

You must identify grass weeds in order to treat them. Some year round weeds resemble the grass on your lawn, and you should carefully identify those weeds in order to treat them with herbicides. Experts advise that you examine the shape of grass weed stems, which they say are triangular in shape.  Note that regular grass on your lawn features round stems.

Broad Leaf Weeds

You will have no trouble identifying broad leaf weeds. They also have the ability to grow throughout the year. Dandelions fall into this group of weeds. They tunnel deep into your lawn and cause long-term damage as they swiftly spread in lawn soil. If you are familiar with treating dandelions and other broad leaf weeds, then read and follow all the instructions on the treatment label. Otherwise, hire a treatment specialist to handle the job in a safe way.

Preserving your lawn and getting rid of weeds is worth the maintenance it needs to thrive free of stifling weeds. Remember to always keep children and pets away from treated lawns for several days. To learn more, contact a company like Valley Green Companies with any questions you have.


5 February 2015

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