3 Super Simple Ways To Conserve Your Propane This Year


Propane is expensive, and heating your home with it during the winter can be a financial burden. This is especially true if you run out of propane in the middle of the season, when propane prices are higher and can exceed $3-4 per gallon in many areas. By using less propane on a daily basis, you can decrease the chances you'll need to fill up again before spring. Here are 3 super simple ways to conserve your propane this year. 

1. Insulate Your Windows 

Insulating isn't as complex as people think it is. Window seal kits are available at home improvement stores and online, and they can be used to quickly seal off the windows with a clear plastic panel in order to prevent as much cold air from coming in and heat from leaking out. If you can't seal your windows with a kit, you can tack a blanket over the window to achieve the same effect.

Savings: You may be able to save as much as 25% on your heating by sealing your windows. 

2. Use Space Heaters

Space heaters can come in handy in reducing your overall need for propane throughout the season. Use space heaters to supplement your propane heating so you use less each month. Use space heaters in common areas during the day and turn the propane heat down, and then use propane heat at night when the risk of fire from space heaters is the highest.  

Savings: Using space heaters in conjunction with propane could save you up to $3 per day, and you may eliminate the need to refill your tank in the middle of the winter. 

3. Humidify Your Air 

Using propane gas heating can make the air very dry in your house. Dry air can feel colder, and it can also contribute to spreading winter illnesses around. Use a humidifier to increase the moisture in the air, making the air feel warmer without turning up your thermostat. 

Savings: You may be able to save up to $46 per month on propane by adding humidity to the air in your home throughout the winter and turning down your thermostat to 65 degrees. 

For many families, spending hundreds of dollars every year or even twice a year to fill the propane tank is very difficult. By conserving your propane throughout the season and supplementing your home environment with space heaters and extra humidity, you can reduce your propane consumption significantly and save hundreds of dollars every year! 


22 January 2015

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